My chickens won’t lay in the nesting box

My chickens are brats.

They have this spacious fancy chicken coop and run, they get plenty of free-range time to forage for bugs and worms, they are fed Scratch and Peck Organic Non-GMO feed and they get treats here and there. They have it all, and still, they won’t lay in the nesting box.

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Snow day frolic with pups

We woke up Sunday morning with a blanket of snow covering everything and the little kid in me couldn’t wait to go play.

While we are near Canada, maritime climate makes sure that we almost never get snow. When we do, we make sure to enjoy it as much as possible because it will be gone quickly.

If you love snow and love seeing pups frolicking in the snow, then we hope you’ll enjoy these four or so minutes of our snow day here at Life in the Sound.

I’m an egg dealer now

We are more than a month away from spring, but the Ladies of Coop Mahal are laying around seven to nine eggs a day.  And while I haven’t figured out my roadside egg stand setup, these eggs have to start moving out the door.

Because no one can consume over five dozen eggs a week alone.

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Virtual chicken coop tour of Coop Mahal

We’ve started this little homestead, or hobby farm, whatever you wish to call it. We call it Daisy Bee & the Moon Farm. Right now, it is just chickens and a large garden, but we have dreams of expanding.

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Island Eats: Savory and sweet meet at Whidbey Pies Cafe

While it’s a popular destination for many in the summer, I find we venture to Greenbank Farm more often when the weather turns cold. The dog park provides dry ground for the pups to run and after braving the windy acres, a savory pie or quiche is the perfect way to warm up. And the cozy cafe isn’t a bad place to firm up some hobby farm goals we’ve been discussing.

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Hobby farm doesn’t wait for winter

While we have some big hopes for getting in some prime trail wandering this year, we also have plans to slowly expand our hobby farm. Add some rows to the garden, gates to the yard and chicken coop, and you know add some more chickens (with better rooster karma)? Maybe ducks by the fall?

Trying to balance our love of the trails with our love of growing a small farm can become difficult to maneuver. Trails can wait but planting and harvesting has to be carefully timed. I believe we can do both as long summer days give us expanded daylight hours to get it all done. Maybe.

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