Virtual chicken coop tour of Coop Mahal

We’ve started this little homestead, or hobby farm, whatever you wish to call it. We call it Daisy Bee & the Moon Farm. Right now, it is just chickens and a large garden, but we have dreams of expanding.

Take a tour of our chicken coop and how we’ve set it up to be as self-sufficient as possible….because while we want to grow our own food, we still need our day jobs.

I haven’t talked a lot about our chickens since discussing my rooster paranoia, which turned out to not be paranoia. Simply put out of the 10 Buff Orpington hens we ordered from the hatchery, NINE were roosters. All ended up being rehomed.  After adopting some young hens in the fall, we now we have 18 hens who are quite happy in their run, coop and currently the garden.

Take a stroll through our setup and feel free to give us any comments or questions you may have.

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