The Peters Pack’s no stranger to cramming ourselves into the Mini Countryman for a good, long road trip.

After a couple of scouting trips, we decided to make Whidbey Island, Washington our home. We prospected Seattle, the Kitsap, Bellingham and then on a whim returned to Whidbey….and we returned again, and again. It was a 180 degree difference from our life in Little Forest Hills just 10 miles from downtown Dallas, but we were ready to change our life a little more than just our geography.

The whirlwind four months happened quickly. February we sought our options by the sea and at the end of May we were on our cross country trip with our three dogs to live on Whidbey Island.

Josh’s parents, LaQuinta and dog parks saved us during the long journey across the country: Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Montana, Idaho and Washington. It was exciting to drive through country that we’d mostly never seen before.

Now we find ourselves settling in and adjusting to a slower paced life in a beautiful place somewhere near the end of the earth.