I’m an egg dealer now

We are more than a month away from spring, but the Ladies of Coop Mahal are laying around seven to nine eggs a day.  And while I haven’t figured out my roadside egg stand setup, these eggs have to start moving out the door.

Because no one can consume over five dozen eggs a week alone.

I started getting the word out to a few friends, and I am happy to report that I made my first egg sale! I know, I know….what’s the big deal? I can’t tell you, but right now I feel like a girl scout who just sold out of her inventory of thin mints.

We have had an interesting ride so far building a crazy large chicken coop, rehoming seven roosters, getting chickens to lay in the nesting box (currently still a struggle), finding ways for them to have constant access to fresh grass in addition to the Scratch and Peck organic certified non-GMO feed we provide them. The eggs are the prize and I love sharing them.

The plan moving forward is to procure a small regular client base which I deliver eggs to once a week and then try to sell eggs from our roadside setup. Whatever I can’t sell (or bake into quiches, souffles or custards) I plan to donate to Good Cheer Food Bank.

Once I get the hang of the amount of eggs we’ll have in prime season, perhaps I’ll consider adding to the flock in the fall.

Because chicken math is real.

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