I’m an egg dealer now

We are more than a month away from spring, but the Ladies of Coop Mahal are laying around seven to nine eggs a day.  And while I haven’t figured out my roadside egg stand setup, these eggs have to start moving out the door.

Because no one can consume over five dozen eggs a week alone.

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PNW outdoor life goals for 2018

As we are well in the middle of the first month of 2018, Josh and I have been discussing our goals for this year. Most of the focus will find us hiking, so expect to see a lot of Trail Talk here. Not listed here are our farming goals. I know I haven’t written much about our chickens and gardens lately, but promise to pick that up soon.

We love to travel and explore and while we do have a trip to Colorado this spring to listen to Bluegrass in a haunted hotel, we are planning to soak ourselves into as much of this PNwonderful as possible. Much of our goals and plans are lottery dependent, but we’re going to cast our backpacking availability and hope for the best.

Here’s what’s on the list:

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Sound Goals: A mile in Puget Sound

As my bare feet touched the water I was comforted that my 7 mm wetsuit and cap may be enough to keep me warm during my first open water swim in Puget Sound. The water temperature today was 56 degrees, but I didn’t retract from the cold. I look down at Sophia and Kristi’s feet as we enter the water. They have neoprene boots. I chose not to purchase them because I worried it would be more equipment to adjust.

Thankfully Saratoga Passage today was glass. Just seeing the calm conditions alleviated some of my anxiety from earlier.

Lined up with the others for the Whidbey Adventure Swim we all adjusted to the cold. Brief chats revealed swimmers came from all over the country and Canada for this U.S. Master Swim event. I’m completely out of my league here, but my goal this year was to swim a mile comfortably in the Sound by the end of the summer. Today I would try to swim 1.2.

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