Trail Talk: Winter hike in Trillium Community Forest 

Last weekend we set off to get some serious hiking in to prepare for some lofty outdoor goals we’ve set for ourselves. We got a late start on a Saturday, so we headed to Trillium Community Forest just a couple miles from our house.

The 7-mile trail system is protected by the Whidbey Camano Land Trust so a bonus for visitors is it is free to all. No park pass needed.

The trails have three entrances to choose from to hike the terrain comprised of flat to rolling hills. We started at the main entrance located off State Road 525. There’s a nice map  here to pick out your path for the day. You can take a picture of it for reference or download it here.

The parking lot here as well as part of the mainline road trail is paved. The first trailhead is Dragonfly Glades which takes you through somewhat dense forested lands and reconnects with Main Line 1.2 miles later. We chose to get more mileage by diverting down the next available Crossroads and then jetted down Raven and other small segments until we wound back up at the end of Crossroads and worked our way back up to get in our mileage.

Some of the trails cross into wetlands, so be sure to have waterproof hiking shoes even if you plan to navigate around the big puddles. The winter the foliage is at bay however down Happy Trail there are still some thorny blackberry bushes intruding on the path.

We completed seven miles in under 2 hours and just before dark set in on the island. Here are some images from our time here.

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