Eating, learning on local seasonal fare with a winter CSA

While we still have some beets, carrots and chard in our own garden, I joined Farmer Georgie’s CSA at Willowood Farm. By supporting this farmer’s fare, I figured not only would we be well supplied in local veggies for the rest of the year but perhaps I could learn more about what grows well here. I want to learn how I can better rotate our own garden, so this winter CSA is just a little education, and a tasty one.

Our first box was for Thanksgiving and it was filled with beautiful Brussels sprouts, greens, carrots and more. Each box also provides a different dried bean: Vermont Cranberry, Black Turtle, and Teggia to name a few and almost more veggies the two of us can consume. But with fall come squash and root veggies which also have a longer shelf life, so waste is less likely.

As this was the first year we had our garden, I chose not to participate in Prairie Bottom Farm’s CSA which was a mistake as we didn’t have veggies come up for a while. We did supplement with what was available at the farmer’s market, but there’s something about driving out to the farm to pick up your locally grown vegetables for the week. Sometimes you chat with other share holders or the farmer’s themselves and that strengthens the feeling of community and for me, reminds me why leaving the city was the right move for us.

Being part of a CSA also makes cooking more impromptu. I used to be a stickler for planning a menu and shopping each week for the necessary items. Now I wait to see what is in our garden or in our CSA box and plan from there. We find ourselves spending less time in the grocery store and more time outside which is a bonus.

And let’s face it, who the hell enjoys that weekly grocery store run? No one, my friend, no one.

This morning I woke up to my husband’s impromptu meal: a beautiful breakfast salad with lettuce from Willowood Farm, eggs from our own chickens and bacon from Ferndale, not far north of here.

Lessons in eating seasonally and locally are so delicious.

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