We’re definitely not in Dallas anymore

My idea of leaving the city was to exchange it for a view of the ocean while Josh wanted land.

Zoe, assistant realtor.

When our realtor, who traveled with his bulldog Zoe, showed us this property, he had us take the trails before coming into the house…..and Zoe would show us the way. Our property comes with a quarter mile of hiking trails carved into the back half of our four acre property. Four. Whole. Acres.

I think it was Zoe who convinced me we needed to buy this property because we could see our dogs enjoying all the space. Something we didn’t realize we craved in our cute backyard in Little Forest Hills.

On lazy mornings we fill our coffee and walk with the dogs along the paths that loop here and there around a pond, laughing at the dogs as they sniff around new crooks and crannies of their new home. The trail is filled with trees, ferns and currently salmon berries….which really aren’t all that tasty. There are a couple of benches here and there so we sometimes stop to sit and chat and take it all in.

We are still pinching ourselves that we actually live here.

Toward the end of the far trail we can see Zylstra Farm, our neighbor, and the very large Penelope the Pig. Moonpie and the Lady Labs like to swing down the far trail so they can wag their tails at Penelope. Daisy isn’t sure what to think about Penelope’s snorts, nor her size.

In Dallas we had daredevil squirrels who liked to taunt the Lady Labs with the acrobat antics and occasionally a opossum. Penelope is an interesting replacement. So are the deer and the bunnies…taunting of the dogs just went to a whole new level. These forest creatures are not shy at all. Deer slink into our backyard to steel an apple or two from our tree and the bunnies sit quietly until the dogs are barely close enough to snatch them up.

Just a few months ago, we occupied our time with hour long dog walks, drinks at Goodfriends or seeking out the latest and greatest Dallas restaurant.

Our entertainment has definitely changed.

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